Tuesday, December 09, 2003

Bauman Rare Books

Bauman Rare Books has an online book shop for those with the necessary small cash on their bank account - as these rare books generally cost thousands of dollars. Take a look. There are some great volumes offered to add some stature to your library.

Stars Stones and Scholars

Stars Stones and Scholars by Andis Kaulins

Stars Stones and Scholars: The Decipherment of the Megaliths as an Ancient Survey of the Earth by Astronomy
is a book by Andis Kaulins, the owner of this blog. Hence the Literary Pundit is quite partial to this pioneer book, which, as the author states, will prove to be a landmark of human literature - if its research is corroborated by other researchers.
The book has its own internet domain at StarsStonesScholars.com

Below is the standard data about the book:

Trafford Publishing
420 pages; perfect bound; catalogue #03-1722; ISBN 1-4120-1344-5
Price: US$35.99, C$45.99, EUR29.99, £20.99

a) About the Book b) About the Author c) View a Sample Excerpt from the Book

Note that the book may initially seem expensive by normal standards, but if you compare it to the prices of books in this field (e.g at http://www.eisenbrauns.com), it is quite reasonably priced.

Other publications by Andis Kaulins are found listed at

The primary hypothesis of Stars Stones and Scholars is that the megaliths represent ancient surveys of the earth by astronomy, and that these feats of ancient surveying and of ancient surveyors can be reconstructed.

Stars Stones and Scholars shows us in hundreds of maps, illustrations and photos how megaliths and megalithic sites are Neolithic works of ancient art, containing carvings which greatly expand our understanding of prehistoric art and of the origins of human civilization.

There is an affiliated list related to the megalithic subjects of this book and related topics at History of Civilization.

Friday, December 05, 2003

Code and Other Laws of Cyberspace | Excerpts

Here is a fine review by Bob Magnant of Lawrence Lessig's important book on the future of cyberspace:

Code and Other Laws of Cyberspace

Tuesday, November 25, 2003

Abebooks - The Website for Used, Rare, Out-of-Print Books

Abebooks states in its welcome message that it is: "the world's largest online marketplace for used, rare, and out-of-print books" and it is of course also possible to buy current bestsellers here as well.

We can confirm that Abebooks is a great source for finding books which are hard to find anywhere else and we have indeed purchased numerous books through this excellent site. We have never had any problems with payment or delivery, although one must be sure to read the booksellers conditions, etc., which differ from bookseller to bookseller. The books are offered by booksellers throughout the world at four Abebooks sites:


If you have books to sell this is also possible at the Abebooks Community.

BookWeb: About ABA

BookWeb.org is the website of the American Booksellers Association (ABA), independently owned bookstores. The ABA also sponsors BookSense, which serves as the e-commerce arm of the ABA, selling books online and issuing bestseller lists. BookSense also has a store locater by zip code, name, city, and description.

Saturday, November 22, 2003

How to Find a Husband after 35

In the blawg (law blog) of Scheherazade,
Stay of Execution, there is a posting entitled "I Wonder If I Can Do A Law School Version?" which relates to a book by Rachel Greenwald entitled "Find a Husband After 35 Using What I Learned at Harvard Business School", which is reviewed in the New Yorker by Rebecca Mead in the article "Love for Sale: An M.B.A. brings marketing methods to the mating game"
and is blogged by The Minor Fall, The Major Lift who isolated "five essential steps necessary to trapping a man for life".

Listen, I am male, will be 57 in week and a half and am happily trapped, thank you, but this book may be an eye-opener to those still looking or wanting to be looked for.

As you can tell from the many comments to the blog posting about this book, sex sells, and as is usually and always surprisingly the case, women are more open about some things than men, at least in print.

Friday, November 21, 2003

Charles Olson

I had an online inquiry about an author I did not know - Charles Olson.

The question related to Olson's poem "The Kingfishers" and his reference to Stonehenge (?) - is Stonehenge anywhere specifically mentioned - and
the lines

"But the E
cut so rudely on that oldest stone
sounded otherwise,
was differently heard"

I know nothing of this and would be interested in any information anyone can provide about that part of the poem.

Thank you.

Monday, November 17, 2003

The Cozy Blogosphere - Jennifer Howard

The Cozy Blogosphere

Jennifer Howard has a wonderful November 16, 2003, posting at the Washington Post Book World entitled It's a Little Too Cozy in the Blogosphere.

The tenor of the article is that the blogosphere is getting to be "too established" for its own good, contrary to the very precepts by which it was founded. Nevertheless, Howard has a vigorous commentrary on some excellent blogs, particularly in the literary arena.

Her literary selections are
Maud Newton motto: "Occasional literary links, amusements,
politics, and rants
The Minor Fall, The Major Lift motto: "DON'T LET THE SUNSHINE FOOL YOU"

There are also references to the following literary-related blogs:

Cup of Chicha
About Last Night at ArtsJournal.com from Terry Teachout writing about the arts in New York
Choire Sicha
Identity Theory motto: ("a literary website, sort of")

We by no means endorse all of these blogs, but they are all good and it just depends on what you, the reader, want to read.

Wednesday, November 12, 2003

Which Author's Fiction are You?

Via Professor Bainbridge and VodkaPundit,

Which Author's Fiction are You?

Your quiz answers match you with an author.

Here are is my own result:

Anne Rice
Anne Rice is writing your life. Go you goth girl,

Which Author's Fiction are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

Book Review Links - Arts & Letters Daily

The Arts & Letters Daily
has some fine links to "Book Reviews" at major newspapers and other media sites.

No more Stephen King?

No more Stephen King for Laurence.

Laurence at Amish Tech Support writes:

"Stephen King has finally come out with the latest installment in the Dark Tower series.
I will not buy it."

Go there to find out why not.

Monday, November 10, 2003

The Book Blog : Adam Curry's Weblog

Adam Curry has started a book blog at
The Book Blog : Adam Curry's Weblog

The blog may be good but - what a shame - I will not be reading it because of the white text on black background which I find harmful to my eyes - sort of like having to squint at microfilm. If white on black were good we would have books like this - which, thankfully, we do not.

With apologies to the site designer, but that is my honest opinion.

Tuesday, November 04, 2003

The View from the Foothills

The View from the Foothills has the Motto: " This and that, now and then. Mostly book reviews, with the occasional excursion into whimsy."

The fare on this blog ranges from "The Butler Did It" to Pippi Longstocking and Astrid Lindgren and to The Iliad, by ancient Homer of the Greeks, all in the space of two days of posting.

This blog is a book lovers dream.

Read Will Duquette, the maker of this blog,
and his August 29, 2003, posting on
"Looking for Lit in All the Wrong Places"

Then you will surely come back to this blog again.

Sunday, November 02, 2003

The Book Report

Charles A. Ridgway has an absolutely excellent book review blog that he calls The Book Report.

The reviews in The Book Report are short and to point and easy to read.

Since some of the books that he has reviewed in his archives (the link for his archives is in the upper right hand corner of his blog page) run closely along my own starry astronomical interests, I will be viewing this weblog periodically.

Friday, October 31, 2003

BookBlog [dot net]

The Gender Genie via Instapundit brought me to BookBlog [dot net] which describes itself as follows:

We're basically a book club that meets once a month to discuss a book. Unlike a regular book club, our discussions are all done online.

Each month, a member volunteers to moderate by choosing a book and beginning the discussion by posting a question. Members then comment on that question while the moderator pops in and out to keep the discussion going.

Discussions are held during the last full week of each month and future moderators and book selections are posted to a sidebar on the home page.

Sound interesting? Want to join? Send an e-mail to mistress at bookblog dot net.

Tuesday, October 21, 2003

William Gibson

I suppose the first writer all internet users should take a look at is

William Gibson

who coined the term "cyberspace" and whose futuristic novels, including the famous Neuromancer, have won many literary awards. As written at that last linked page:

"Here is the novel that started it all, launching the cyberpunk generation, and the first novel to win the holy trinity of science fiction: the Hugo Award, the Nebula Award and the Philip K. Dick Award. With Neuromancer, William Gibson introduced the world to cyberspace--and science fiction has never been the same."

Gibson's blog is also one of the most popular on the internet, Googling in the top 10 for "blog".

Guardian's Top 100 greatest novels of all time

Roger L. Simon: Mystery Novelist and Screenwriter: and one of Hollywood's best read blogs, refers to the
"THE BIG 100"
"A week or so ago the Guardian gave forth its latest list of the 100 greatest novels of all time."

Well, look at that list of books and you can understand why
we also have two blogs related to
Nr.1 ranked Don Quixote - at WordPundit
Nr. 4 ranked Gulliver's Travels - at YahooPundit

If you are looking for books you should have read, but hav not yet done so - this is a good place to start.

Saturday, October 18, 2003

Douglas Rushkoff - Nothing Sacred - The Truth About Judaism

Well-known author :: Douglas Rushkoff :: has published a book entitled "Nothing Sacred: The Truth about Judaism", which assesses the problems faced by Jewish religion in light of modern developments. Since Middle East news dominates our TV screens, we should know what transformations are taking place in the religious world.

Short reviews of the book are found here.

It is useful to read Rushkoff's biography
and he also has a weblog.

Monday, October 13, 2003

The Olive Press

PrintsTheChaff by Tom Mangan links to

The Olive Press by Brian Sawyer,

a site about books and culture.

His story of how his blog got its name relates to an ancient story and has to do with Aristotle and philosophers....

Saturday, October 11, 2003


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